For the Girls

*Random completely unrelated sidenote: So, for the record, no one that I know in real life knows that this blog exists (with the exception of one person). I kind of think it’s weird that I put so much thought into words and writing that express so much of who I am as a person and … More For the Girls

The Summertime Sadness of an Up and Coming Sophomore

The last few days as I have gotten my belongings together to get ready and head back to OCU, I thought back to this time last year when I was preparing for my first semester of college. The situation was different, the things I packed were different, and most noticeably, my perspective was quite literally, … More The Summertime Sadness of an Up and Coming Sophomore

Goodbye 2015

2015 had it’s moments of the good and of course, the bad. In my personal life it was an exceptionally hard year with many trials. However, it’s over!!!! We get to start over! There is something so exciting about a new year and the possibilities that come with it. For me, I’m looking forward to … More Goodbye 2015