fighting for victory

There are 8 days of class, 3 days of finals, and 4 days of weekend that stand between us and the ultimate freedom: summer break. As the semester draws to a close it is becoming increasingly hard to focus and find motivation to study for those last tests and write the last few papers. Hence the fact that I am writing a blog post when I could be doing both of those things. But, we are so close to the victory! The sleepless nights, information-stuffed brains, and craziness will be worth it in a few weeks when grades come back and you know you did your best! Whatever the outcome, know that you are giving it your best effort. As one of my close friends often reminds me, it’s all about grace, not perfection. Instead of seeking perfection in your grades, seek grace. Give it your all and be content with that. Society tells us to be perfect, but unfortunately, we are also human. These two don’t really go together, so don’t expect it of yourself!

 God it the only perfect one, and He is the one who will give us victory. 

Being told that perfection is unattainable and that in order to succeed we must rely on someone other than ourselves isn’t always comforting or easy to remember. It’s so tempting to get caught up in ourselves and forget that God is the one in control. However, we are told innumerable times in scripture that Jesus is fighting our battles (hello we just celebrated this with Easter)! We are human, this isn’t supposed to be easy, and you’re not the only one struggling! Don’t be alone in your struggle, because Jesus and other believer are right there with you.

For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you into battle to fight against your enemies and give you victory (Deuteronomy 20:4). 

Study hard, pray harder, and seek victory in your studies through Jesus,




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