class eat study work meetings study nap repeat

Well, today began the fourth week of the semester (what already??) and boy it is a crazy life that we live! Somedays I can’t catch my breath and some days seem to be four days long. It’s so incredibly easy to get bogged down and discouraged when there are so many things going on at all times and there is so much to do in so little time, but I am learning that if I take the time to enjoy the things that I spend my time doing, they are so much less overwhelming. For example, being in a sorority is a pretty big time consumer, but because I enjoy my time spent with sisters it becomes less daunting. Having a pretty difficult major with a lot of requirements that is also extremely time consuming, it could be so easy to stress and let the work overload me. However, because I am passionate about the things I get to learn and know that this knowledge will shape the rest of my life, it is so much easier to keep a handle on my responsibilities.

Some days it feels like I go to class, eat, try to study, go to work, have a meeting, try to study some more, squeeze in a nap, and wake up the next morning to do it all over again. Some days I love going 100 miles an hour all day, but there are also the days that I just wanna lay in bed and watch netflix and order bev’s from postmates. Guess what, that’s okay! We are allowed to have good days and we are allowed to have bad days because we are human and we can’t be on our a-game 100% of the time. A really wise person (my mom) once told me (has told me a hundred times) that there is no emotion that is wrong. What matters is what we do with that emotion. Whether it be joyfulness, anxiety, or worry, that is okay! You are not alone! Share that with someone else and give them the chance to encourage you knowing that it gets better and that class eat study work meetings study nap repeat is hard, but doable and that YOU can do it.


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