Be Cool

Recently, I was thinking about how COOL some of the women in my sorority are. Seriously, just so cool. The coolness emanates from their entire being. I said something about it to a close friend, and she said “Madison, I think you’re pretty cool like that.” I laughed and kind of shrugged it off, thinking to myself about how un-cool I actually am.

A week or so later I was hanging out in my apartment on a Saturday night. I was feeling lonely and pretty “un-cool” when I received an invite via text message to come hang out with a group of friends. I was apprehensive because situations involving people aren’t always my favorite kind. However, I sucked it up and went anyway (also the people I was going to hang out with are VERY cool). We ended up having a really nice evening and I enjoyed the friendship and time spent with them. A few days later, I thanked the person who invited me, specifically saying thank you for sharing her friends with me. You will never believe what she said in response.

“Girl you’re just cool. We all love having you.”

What??? I couldn’t believe it. THE coolest person I know thinks I’m cool. It was an incredibly nice thing to hear and made such an impact on the rest of my day.

This is a little reminder that to be cool, the only person you have to be is yourself. So, just be cool.


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