One Semester and 1,000 Lessons

Where to even begin… the last 4 and a half months have gone by in a blur. The good days outnumbered the bad, the people I’ve met have exceeded my hopes, and the semester, well, it’s over.

I began the term as a Business Finance major, but quickly came to terms with something God placed on my heart a long time ago (Thank you for the help, Financial Accounting). I am now a proud BioMedical Science student with plans of attending grad school to become a Physician’s Assistant. I don’t know where this path is taking me, but I am confident that it where I am supposed to be. This lesson only took about two class periods to figure out. The others- not so much.

The common sense lessons weren’t too bad- like not watching Netflix until 2 am just because I can, don’t buy icecream just because we have a freezer, and when 4 girls share a bathroom, don’t be the one who wakes up last. #dormlyfe

But, naturally, there were harder lessons to. I have been continually challenged to be the young woman that my parents raised me to be even though they aren’t here to watch my every move. Have I made mistakes? Duh. Will I ever be perfect? Obviously not. But, that doesn’t mean I have to stop trying. A couple of weeks ago, I was doing some reading and stumbled upon a passage which vocalized the primary goal that all followers of Christ should focus on. It said that we should constantly work on ourselves regadless of the actions of those around us. We must keep our eyes on Jesus and seek to do His will. I felt God’s words wash over me, saying “work on yourself first.”

Work on yourself first.ย 

I have clung to this mantra during the last couple of weeks as finals got closer and closer and closer. In doing so, I began to apply the saying to all aspects of my life. On the elliptical when I really wanted to quit because I hate ellipticals with every cell in my body, I reminded myself that I am working on myself. When I reaaaalllly did not want to write another paper for class, I knew that I needed to, because doing well in school is a part of working on myself. When all I wanted to do was complain about my math professor being awful, I sucked it up (for the most part) and did the best that I could. Talk about a heck of a lot of lessons all wrapped up into one.

This wasn’t what I expected to learn, but it has been blessing as the semester comes to a close. College isn’t easy and I’m never going to make eveyone happy. But, I do have a lot of working to do and I’m okay with that.


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